You are a Work of Art

you are a work of art

You are a work of art.  I truly believe that.  You were put on this earth on purpose and you have talents to share with the world.  I get so sad when I hear someone who is smart, intelligent and creative put themselves down.  It happens all the time.   The things we say to ourselves everyday affect everything we do.  Beauty starts on the inside.  I know we have all heard that before but it really is true.  I believe the layers of a person are similar to a painting.  My paintings are all done with lots of layers.  I sometimes start with paper, writing or spray inks.  When I am finished the painting you often don’t see the things I started with.  A hint of a word or a piece of paper might show through.  I believe it is the layers and the texture underneath that make it beautiful.  It is the same with people.  All our past experiences have made us the people we are today.  As we move forward, it is what we choose to say to ourselves and how we greet each day that will determine how our lives will go in the future.  If you had difficult things that happened in your past it is like all the layers of paint added to a canvas.  It is not ever perfect but the end result is beautiful.  So embrace all the layers of yourself because you are a work of art with all your beautiful layers.

Please share this with message with someone so we can lift each other up.

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