Mandala Art Activities for kids and adults


I have been enjoying creating Mandalas lately.  I find them so relaxing and anyone can make them.    The word mandala is from the Indian Sanskirt language and means circle.  It consists of patterns that are evenly distributed around a centre circle that create a feeling of balance.  I usually start with a circle in the middle of my page and then respond to the circle with patterns around the circle.   Drawing repetitive patterns has been shown to help create a sense of calm.

I first wrote about Mandalas in this post years ago where I encourage people to start drawing again with an easy Mandala.

I have found some ideas for making your own mandalas:

Draw a mandala:  Check out this You Tube video of how to draw a Mandala that I created.  All you need is some markers and paper to get started.

Colour a mandala:  Colouring books with mandalas in them have become popular lately for children and adults.  You can find them in book stores, craft stores and we have even found them in the dollar store.  Colouring in the patterns is relaxing and creates a sense of calm.  Here are some colouring books for adults and children:  Kids Magical Mandalas, Mandala Coloring Book Kids VersionMandala coloring book for stress relief 

Create a mandala in sand:  It is as simple as going to the beach and finding something to draw with in the sand like a stick.  It is best when the tide has just gone out and the sand is wet.  Check out this blog post on creating in sand.  You can also collect shells and use them to create a mandala.  Just start with one in the centre and build around in a circle.

sand mandala

Make a mandala in nature:  Gather flower petals, leaves, rocks, pine cones and any other materials you find in nature and create a mandala outside in your backyard.  Check out this post by Playful Learning for more ideas.

Make a mandala craft:  Check out this great Flower mandala sun catcher posted by the Artful parent.

Make a mandala with chalk:  Gather your chalk and start creating outside.  Draw a circle and patterns around it.  Such a simple idea and so much fun.  Check out this post by the Nurture  Store to combine chalk rings with flower petals.

Make a mandala stone:  Check out this video on how to make a mandala stone by Innova Crafts.

I hope this inspires you to try creating your own Mandala.  I would love to hear your ideas!  Please share this post with your friends that you want to inspire to create.

Paint and Create an Owl-Free Lesson

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Paint and Create Animals Art Course

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Paint and Create Animals is a 6 lesson online art course for all ages that teaches you how to use different art materials and color techniques to create paintings of animals around the world.  Each lesson includes 2-4 videos of step by step demonstrations as well as sheets of fun facts and instructions.  Learn how to draw animals, use acrylic paints, water color paints and oil pastels to create beautiful paintings.

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