5 ways to help kids love their art

As kids get older, they are harder on themselves and their art.  By the time they are adults, they have such a hard time being kind to their own art.  This year for Valentine’s Day I decided to do a blog post on how to be kind to your own art.  If kids aren’t feeling confident in their art, they won’t want to do it.  

Here are 5 ways to encourage kids to love their art:

1.  Start each session with a reminder. At the start of most of my art club art sessions I say… be kind to your art and the art of others. 

2.  Include quick draw warm ups and games.  Drawing quickly and not caring what it looks like is a good way to practice.  Games like drawing with your opposite hand, drawing with your eyes closed, drawing with both hands together, drawing with many pencil crayons in one hand are fun ways to let loose and have fun.

3.  Encourage kids to hold up their art to show others.  In zoom sessions I like to spotlight kids on the big screen and praise specific areas of their art.

4.  Find art subjects kids love. If they are creating a subject they like, they will more likely enjoy the session.

5.  Allow kids to add in their own details and colours. I find when kids are able to make the art their own, they are so much more proud of it.

How are you going to be kind to your art?


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