Make a Paper Quilt for Black History Month

african quilt project

When I found out that February is Black History Month, I set out to come up with an art project inspired by Canadian artists.  I found beautiful quilts that were designed by David Woods and crafted by Myla Borden and Marlene Dorrington of the  Vale Quilters Association in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.  David Woods was the organizer of Nova Scotia’s first Black History Month in 1984.  He curated an exhibition called The Secret Codes: African Nova Scotian Quilts and is the founding organizer of several arts and cultural organizations including the Cultural Awareness Youth Group of Nova Scotia and the Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia.

This art project shows you how to make a paper quilt.  All you need is different colours of paper, something to colour with like oil pastels or crayons, scissors and glue.  Cut up the paper into different sizes of squares and rectangles.  Decorate each shape with designs, then glue onto a piece of art paper.  Try to layer the paper, and have some repetition of designs or colours.  Click on this LINK to watch the art lesson on You Tube. This is a fun art project to do with kids for Black History Month.

Here are some of the quilts that can inspire your art project:

BANS June 15-1, 6/15/09, 11:12 AM, 8C, 7378x9197 (432+900), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/60 s, R75.6, G48.7, B60.5  african quilt 2

Happy Creating!

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