Messy Messy Art!

splatter painting at 4cats  Throw your paint brush aside and start using your hands and other things to get paint on the paper. Sometimes when I am staring at a blank canvas it is hard to get motivated. So I have started using my hands to get some paint on the canvas.  Finger painting isn’t just for kids.   I also love placing paint on bubble wrap, stamps, stencils, and any object around the house that makes a mark on the page.   Give it a try!

A few years ago we went to 4 cats as a family to do spatter painting.  It was just the 4 of us in a big messy room splattering paint every where.   It was so much fun I recommend for everyone.  Get messy together.


believe  This week’s painting is called Believe in the Possibilities.  I didn’t use a paint brush at all for the whole background.  Just my hands, bubble wrap and stencils.  She is here to remind me to believe in the possibilities of my dreams and to keep working on them every day.  If you would like to buy her, check out my website at in the 100 paintings section.

If you like what you see in this blog, share it with others!  I am sending you lots of messy hands vibes for this week.

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