Painting Every Day Heals the Soul

Angel of healing 11X14Painting Every Day Heals the Soul

My mom passed away last June and it was a surprise to everyone in her life.  She went from curling 3 times a week to lying in a hospital bed unable to stand.  We kept thinking she’d be fine, that all she needed was to rest and heal, but a rare muscle condition took her from us after just three months.

I lived far away and had to take a plane three times to see her. Each time I climbed onboard, I wasn’t sure if my mom would be alive when the plane touched down. During this difficult time I brought art supplies with me and at night I created angels of healing. Painting – being creative & finding a muse within the darkest times – helped more than words can say.

When people lose a loved one, they tend to go one of two ways: they either cocoon or hide themselves away from the world or they embrace life. I chose to embrace life. I began painting every day.  It didn’t matter what it was, I was going to paint. In September 2014, I started a 100 paintings project and have created over 30 paintings.

Painting every day has helped me to stay focused on what I love doing.  It has helped stop the negative thoughts from my mom’s passing from swallowing me up. I’m not sure whether I will ever truly recover from losing my mom, but what I can do is create art that might help others to heal as well.

Please pass this onto anyone that is going through a grieving process as well.  You can see more of the paintings on my website at

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