Creating in Sand

We went to Vancouver Island this week to visit a friend and headed to the beach and had fun drawing and creating in the sand.   We went when the tide was quite low so there was lots of wet sand to draw in.  We just used our fingers to draw with but you can do this with a stick as well.  You can also add in shells, rocks, seaweed and other things you collect on the beach to make your creations.

sand art heart       sand art mendala

sand art zach people

We also did shadow drawing where I stood in a pose and my friend’s son traced my shadow in the sand.  This can also be done outside with chalk or a large piece of paper and markers.   The shadows are longest closer to sunrise or sunset and they are the shortest at midday (since the sun is directly above).  We went in the later afternoon and the shadows were great!

sand art shadow drawing         sand art shadow done

One of our friends (Nicole Bergstrome) created this amazing mermaid in the sand at White Rock Beach.   It is so beautiful and looks so real.  I loved how she used seaweed for the hair and bikini.

sand art mermaid

We went to an amazing sand sculpture exhibit that is going on this summer in Parksville, BC  They used special sand and covered it in a glue/water mixture to make it stay longer.

sand art octopus      sand art turtle

I would love to see your sand creations!  Send them to my email at  I would love to hear how you are enjoying this Get Outside and Get Creative series.

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