Making a Vision Board with Kids

Hello lovely people,  At the beginning of every year I like to make a vision board and  think about what I want to do in the new year.  I believe that if you see something visually you are more likely to work towards it.  This year I decided to do this process for the first time with my daughter (age 8) and her friend (age 7).  Here are the steps to making your own vision board or helping your kids to do this:


We started by talking about what they want to do in 2018 but I found this was too broad a question for them.  So we went to our friend google and found a great post on where they asked 4 questions.  What do you love?  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  They wrote down their answers on a piece of paper.

Once they answered the questions we went to the computer to search for images.  We printed the images and cut them out.  If you can’t find images you like, you can cut out their words or draw a picture.  Our dog of course wanted to help out by sitting on the left over paper.

vb cutting out             vb dog

Next we started to paint our backgrounds with acrylic paint.  We used 11″x14″ canvas panel board.  You can use anything for your background as long as it is a little more sturdy. If you just want to use the images with no paint, you can use poster board that is a colour they choose and let them draw designs on it with marker for the background.  You can also use some of the cardboard from the gifts they received at Christmas and paint it.  Keep the background simple and a light colour so the pictures stand out.

vb background

Once the paint was dry,  we took the images and figured out where they wanted to place them and glued them down.  We used Golden gel medium but you can also use white glue or a glue stick.

vb glue

They created such beautiful vision boards!  The whole project took us about 2 hours and they were engaged the whole time.  This is such a wonderful and rewarding project to do with kids.  I would love to see your vision boards.  Send me some pictures or your comments at  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter for more project ideas at  Now it is my turn to do my vision board!


vb finished claire                    vb finished b




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