Health and Wellness

Hello lovelies,  I have had the flu this last week and I am just starting to feel better.  Being sick has really made me think about health and wellness for myself and my family. Health and wellness is not just about exercising or the food we eat.  It is also the way you spend your time, the clutter you live with in your home or in your mind, as well as the things you say to yourself and to others.  I would love to hear your ideas or thoughts on health and wellness.

yoga girl

I thought I would share a little yoga girl painting with you.  I hope she brings you a sense of calm and peace.  I am starting to learn to do a modified yoga class that is online.    I have never really been able to take yoga classes since I have troubles with my wrists but I am going to try to do a modified version.  My kids love to do yoga with me as well.  My friend is a kids yoga instructor and she has a great class coming up.    Click this link to check it out.    WINTER KIDS YOGA CLASS

I am wishing you all health and wellness in all areas of your life this year.  I would love to hear your thoughts on health and wellness in your life.





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