Halloween Art Ideas

I have been having fun in the studio lately painting some fall and Halloween inspired art.  The fall scene was one of the samples I brought to show at a wine and paint night at a local mom’s home that I ran this weekend.  The other paintings are ideas you can do at home or school.  Have fun creating.

night fall scene

Oil Pastel and Water Colour Resist

Draw with oil pastels or crayons first any fall scene and then paint over with water colour paints and then the oil pastels will resist the water colours.  For the cat painting I did the back ground of water colours from light to dark (start with white, yellow, orange and some red).  To make them darker, add less water.  For the witches legs, encourage lots of different patterns in the dress.  This is great for any age since it is like magic when the oil resists the water.

cat painting

witches legs


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