Art Class Registration Winter 2018 and Northern Lights Art Project

Hello everyone,  I hope you had a great Halloween.  We had fun carving our pumpkins and dressing up.  This week I have been busy planning for my next art classes starting in January while eating the rejected Halloween candy.

Paint and Create Art Classes Winter 2018

art class picture fruit

I really believe that everyone has the ability to be creative.  I want to encourage adults and children to have fun and be inspired.  This set of art classes will focus on composition and the building blocks of successful art.  We will have fun exploring concepts used in art such as repetition, rule of thirds, vanishing line and contrast.   We will be exploring different art materials such as water colours, acrylics, tempura paints, oil pastels, soft pastels and we will even be learning how to make our own stamps. Each student will receive a presentation book to keep all their beautiful paintings in and all supplies are included.

In order to keep the classes smaller,  I will run the same class at two different times on Wednesday evenings, so choose the time that works best for you.  All registration is going through Eventbrite so you can use visa to pay for it. The classes tend to fill up quickly.  Registration starts on Friday Nov. 10th.  I can’t wait to create with you.

Dates:      Wednesday January 17th-Feb. 28th 2018

Location:     11427 Somerset Crescent, North Delta

Ages:          6 years old and up (adults are welcome as well!)

Price:  $70

 Class 1

Times:   4:00-5:15pm   Click to register

Class 2

Times:   6:00-7:15pm  Click to register

Northern Lights Art Project


Use a black piece of construction paper or paint a piece of paper with black and dark blue tempura paint.  Add in dots of white with chalk or soft pastels to make the stars (once the paint is dry).

background with snow

Add in stripes of brights colours in chalk or soft pastels in an upward direction. You can blend them with your fingers.

northern lights chalk

Draw in the trees with black or brown chalk or soft pastels.  Draw a vertical line and then add in upside down Vs.  Make your trees different heights to make it more interesting.  You can also add in white chalk for snow on top of each of the upside down Vs.


Art Concepts:  Dark and light contrasts, using chalk pastels, objects at different heights add to interest.  Have fun creating!







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