Creative Activities for Camping

This summer I am sharing a series of ideas for getting outside and getting creative. We just got back from camping so I thought I would share some of the fun creative activities we did outside.

Drawing on marshmallows-This was my daughter’s idea. She brought edible markers along on our trip and the kids had a great time colouring on the jumbo marshmallows and making them into characters. The edible markers do stain their lips when they eat the marshmallows but it does wash off pretty easily. You can also use regular markers but then you can’t eat the marshmallows which isn’t as fun but it is a good way to use up stale marshmallows.

marshmallows                group marshmallows

Back and forth drawing-Each of us started with a piece of paper and started drawing and then after not very long we passed our papers to the person beside us and added to the drawing. We kept passing until we felt the paper was filled. This is a great way to get kids to not be too precious about their drawings and to get ideas from others. My younger daughter and I do this a lot when we are waiting for her sister to finish her piano lesson and it worked well when it was raining during our camping trip.

back and forth drawing

Drawing on rocks or wood-This is an easy activity with markers. I like to hold up a rock and say to the kids what does the shape of this rock look like to you and let them bring it to life with the markers.

You don’t need a lot of things along with you. Have fun and get outside and get creative!

Paint and Create Animals Art Course

banner animals

Paint and Create Animals is a 6 lesson online art course for all ages that teaches you how to use different art materials and color techniques to create paintings of animals around the world.  Each lesson includes 2-4 videos of step by step demonstrations as well as sheets of fun facts and instructions.  Learn how to draw animals, use acrylic paints, water color paints and oil pastels to create beautiful paintings.

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Paint and Create an Owl

owl painting

Learn to paint with acrylics and draw an owl using simple shapes in easy online videos.  This is a free online class and is a gift for you.

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Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement of my art. I would really appreciate it if you could please forward this to your friends and family if you think they would enjoy the content.



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