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Hello lovely creative people and welcome to all the new people to this blog.  This is the first of the Get Outside and Get Creative series this summer.

In honour of Canada Day we decided to make an inukshuk.  An inukshuk (also spelled inuksuk and plural is inuksuit) is a structure made out of stone by the Inuit in the north and used as directional markers and messages. When rocks are constructed in the shape of a person it is called an inunnguat and signifies safety, hope and friendship.  When I drove across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver there were inuksuit high up on the rocks all along the highway. It made me feel safe on my journey.

All you need are some rocks and some imagination.  Try to balance different shapes of rocks on top of each other.

I also made a drawing inspired by Ted Harrison with oil pastels but you can also do this with crayons.  Try to draw the rock formations you made on paper.

inukshuk oil pastel

Get outside and get creative this summer!

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Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement of my art. I would really appreciate it if you could please forward this to your friends and family.


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