How can I help?

how can i help

Hi There,  In a sea of Black Friday emails I thought I would do something different this year and ask you how I can help you. Don’t worry I will still have some deals in December! I have been thinking a lot about the art courses I want to run in the new year.  Usually I run art classes out of my home art studio but that is not possible now.  What kind of online art courses would you be interested in?  I have ideas about a live vision board session, and classes on certain topics like trees, flowers and landscapes.   Classes just for kids or adults.  I was also thinking of a year long course with different classes every month.  A good friend of mine also suggested 1:1 painting sessions.  I know that creativity helps in times of stress and anxiety.  I know that I have a lot to offer but I want to meet your art needs.  Let me know what you would be interested in!  I am sending out hugs to all of you.  The world feels like a difficult place right now and I just want to spread some joy.



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