How to Live Your Best Life

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I bumped into a person that I worked with a few years ago and I asked the typical question we usually ask people “how are you doing?” and his response was “living the dream”. Now I know some people say that but don’t mean it but I truly believe he meant it and wasn’t being sarcastic. Not many people would say they are living their best life. I started thinking about what I would need to change in my life to be able to answer living the Dream. I wonder how many people I know would say they are living their best life. I am on a mission to seek this out so that I can answer “living the Dream” one day as well.   I feel like living your best life is always a journey of discovery. I am starting with these 4 things to get me started on my journey:
  1. Gratitude-When I start my day thinking about the things I am grateful for, it makes my day go smoother. I also like to end my day chatting with my daughters about what they are grateful for. I love the things they come up with. Children have a gift for being grateful for the little things in life. We can learn a lot from them.
  2. Creating daily- this is a game changer for me. When I paint I feel like I have more energy and joy in my life. This includes working on my art business everyday.
  3. Exercise- As I am getting older this is harder to do. I used to be able to run but now it is hard on my knees. So I am doing whatever I can….fast walk, run/walk. It isn’t the same but it is better than nothing.  I need to stop telling myself that it is not possible.
  4. De-cluttering- this is a harder one for me. I grew up in a cluttered house and I feel like it is ingrained in me. But I am started to change those stories I tell myself and do a little every day.
Now I have figured out these areas in my life that will help me live my best life… the next step is to plan out my time to make room for theses important things. When I am working towards my dreams I am a better mummy, wife and friend because I am happier.
 What would living your best life look like? Take 15 minutes to brainstorm what that looks like for you.
What 4 things can you start with right now? Make a schedule to fit them into your life and tell someone else to keep you accountable!
If you want to be more creative and have more gratitude in your life I have made some You Tube videos on this topic including a gratitude flower.   Check it out on You Tube
Sending lots of hugs out to the moms out there for mother’s day.  May you be on the journey to live your best life!

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