Learn to draw a Llama

I hope you are keeping healthy during this pandemic.  I have been busy creating art videos and painting.  The first month I found it hard to create but I just started painting a little every morning when I woke up and that got me going again.  I made a new You Tube video on how to draw a Llama!  I am trying to come up with fun activities that you can do with your kids that don’t require a lot of supplies.  This art project can also be expanded to include telling a story about what the Llama might be carrying on its back.    Check out the project here.

A few days ago I joined tik tok!  Now I know you are probably thinking-Aren’t you too old for tik tok?  I was watching my daughter make these amazing videos on there and I thought I would give it a try!  It  opened up a whole new world to me of an amazing art community.  It is also a lovely way to connect with my kids.  It reminded me to have fun.  Check out some of my fun videos here.

Sending out good vibes to you!  Good luck to all the teachers in BC starting back to school this week.


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