Circle back to Creativity Online Art Course!

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Do you want to finish 2020 in a creative way? Have you found it difficult to create this year and want to get back to painting and having fun?

This new online art course is designed to inspire you to create in the last 50 days of this year. It includes 8 art video lessons revolving around the simple shape of a circle.  The circle symbolizes wholeness, unity and protection.  It is a perfect way to inspire you to create.

Lessons will include topics such as circle of calm, flowers, botanicals, mandalas, landscapes, Kandinsky’s circles, circle stamps and mixed media.

Register before Nov. 11th and use a coupon for 50% off!  Use coupon code circle50 at checkout.

These lessons are for all levels and will help you circle back to creativity.  You deserve something fun to do at the end of this year.  Click here for more information.  I can’t wait to create with you.

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