How to Paint a Flower

I had such a great time teaching how to paint flowers at a birthday party recently that I thought I would  share the steps with you.

finished flower

Draw the center of your flower slightly off of center. It is more interesting to the eye when your flower is not in the center of the page.   Draw circles around the center to guide where you will paint your petals. You want them to take up most of the canvas with a little left over for the background.
flower drawing
Choose a background that is a cool color like blue, purple or green so that your flower will stand out more. I mixed blue and white together to make a lighter color.  Paint the areas that are the background. Let the background dry.

         flower background mixing                         flower background

Choose the color you want your flower to be and mix in white to get a lighter color and then mix in more white to get an even lighter color (This is called tinting a color).  If you choose a warm color such as red, yellow, orange or pink it will stand out more against the cool background.  Dip your brush in the lightest color and paint the petals that are furthest away from the center.  Pull your brush from the line out to the background.  Do the same technique with the middle color to paint the next petals and overlap over the outer layer.   Use the darkest color closest to the center.

flower colours      petals 1  flower 2 3

Dip the tip of your brush in white and brown and dab for the center.  Do a white layer on the outside of the brown.

finished flower

I hope you enjoyed this flower lesson! Please share your creations with me.

Check out all these beautiful creations!

group with flowers



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