Doing Something Everyday

Hello lovely people,  I can’t believe it is March already.   Lent  is a period of approximately 40 days before Easter that you are supposed to give up something that is difficult to give up.  I like to do something everyday instead.  Some years I have painted every day and I have really enjoyed it.   This year I am going to work towards a goal I have had for a long time of putting together an online course for kids over the summer.  I am going to take baby steps every day to work on the classes and break it down into  manageable tasks.   The course is going to be art inspired from countries around the world, and there will be all kinds of activities that you will be able to do with your kids.   I am hoping by Easter I will have it almost all done and I will keep you posted. 

Is there a goal you have wanted to work towards that you could break down into baby steps and work on it every day for a period of time?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Sending you lots of creative energy and hugs.

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