Tips to Encourage Kids to be Creative

Hello lovely people,  I taught an art session in each of my daughter’s classes last week and it was so much fun.  Encouraging kids to be creative is one of  my favorite things to do.

Here are some pictures of the art the students in Hanna’s grade 3 class completed with an Aboriginal theme.  I love how they each did something different around the same theme.  I often find when I walk into schools, that the art all looks the same or what I call ‘cookie cutter’ art.  I like to challenge kids to explore the art materials and have fun making their own masterpieces.  The process is much more important to me than the product.

aboriginal art display

Tips to Encourage Kids to be Creative:

-Allow kids to explore art materials without directing them to what it ‘should’ look like

-Encourage kids to do ‘messy art’ and use their hands in their art.  (I love painting with my hands even as an adult!)

-Remember that the process is more important than the product

– Try to pick out things about the art to praise such as I like the colours you used or I like the shapes in your design.

-Display the artwork.  Kids work hard on their art and love to see it up on the walls or on the fridge.

-Don’t let your kids hear you say ‘I can’t draw’.  They will learn from example.  I believe drawing is a skill that develops with practice and everyone can do it.

-Draw and paint with your kids.

-Have art materials available for kids to be able to use at any time.  If you are worried about the mess, have materials around that are easy to use such as water colour pencils, markers, crayons and brightly coloured paper.

-Most important of all, have fun!


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