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The doors to art club are now open until Sunday September 12th.  Don’t miss out!  This will be the last chance the art club is offered at such a low founding member price.

Here are some of the successes families have experienced….

My kids and I can’t wait for your art class every single week.  Everything is laid out so easily with your emails, so I know what supplies to set up, and they’re so proud of their creations that they’ve posted them all over their bedroom walls!  I love having the extra time to get dinner ready, so it’s a win-win for everyone.  Your projects are creative, different, fun, so even after months, the kids never get bored.  Thank you so much, Wendy!  Rosey (mom of two kids)

Diverse art projects, step by step instructions, lots of encouragement and a fun learning environment that builds a strong sense of community.  My kids have gained so much confidence and many new skills through involvement in this great art club.  Karen ( mom of 2 kids)

Even if you worry that you aren’t good at art, it is still lots of fun.  Wendy helps you learn the steps.  Laura (age 8)

A great way to learn how to do art and meet new friends Colin (age 11)

Click this LINK to learn more.

What is happening around here….

Live Paint SessionsI did some free live paint sessions on Facebook.  The replays are in Wendy’s Creative Group or Wendy Meades Art.  Check out the recording for some fun art projects to do with your kids.

Tie Dye T-Shirts-Wouldn’t these look fun cut out and placed on a string with clothes pegs?


Summer Memories Jar (or could be a gratitude jar)-This would be a great project for teachers to use the first few weeks of school.


Art Club-There is no live session this week since it is a holiday but there is an extra bonus video waiting in the classroom to learn to draw Amelia Earhart in an airplane.


Happy Creating!




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