Art club fall registration doors are open!


Looking for a fun art program for your kids?  The doors to art club for kids is now open for fall registration!

Doesn’t it seem like there are SO MANY THINGS to consider when finding art projects to do at home with your kids?

  • What art materials will your kids enjoy working with?
  • How do you create art with confidence with your kids when you feel like you don’t know what you are doing?
  • How do you incorporate art activities into home schooling?
  • How do you have fun creating with your kids?
When I first started teaching art to kids, I noticed that kids ages 6 and under would just go for it with creating…..they didn’t care what their art looked like.  I was surprised that by age 7-8 kids were already not feeling confident with their drawing and painting abilities.
I decided to start teaching art programs that encouraged creativity and gave kids confidence in drawing and painting.    They have gained confidence, self esteem and curiosity with creating and can’t wait to keep creating art.
 Here is a sneak peak of what is inside:
  •  Art lessons over zoom every Monday at 4:00pm pst
  • Online classroom full of videos, sheets, and ideas to get your family creating.
  • Around the world art theme this year! Learn about famous landmarks, different cultures, animals, famous artists and more.
  • Access to previous art packs of colour fun, camping art, ocean art and summer sports
  • Adult art nights once/month-parents want to create too!
  • Bonus art e-book:Get outside and Get creative-ideas for creating outside

I can’t wait to create with you!  This will be the last time the art club is offered at the founding member low price.   Click this  LINK to sign up.

Coming up in September…..



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