Last Chance and Fun Interview!


The doors to art club close tomorrow.  

Are you wanting to encourage creativity in your kids?  Do you want art projects your whole family can do together?  Do you want your kids to be excited to paint?   Do you want an easy art curriculum for home schooling or distance learning?

Here are some frequently asked questions about art club.
Watch this interview my daughter did of me for art club!  Click this LINK.

What ages is the art club for?   It is suggested that kids are ages 6 and up, but younger children can benefit from art club as long as they have parent support.

What materials are required? Most of the art lessons will be using materials that are not too messy like water colour paints, markers and oil pastels.  I like to surprise the kids with tempera paint art kits as well!

Can I cancel my membership?  Yes you can cancel anytime before your next payment.

What if I miss a class or my child doesn’t like learning on zoom?  No Worries.  There is a whole online classroom set up that you can access.  Every lesson that is taught over zoom also has a pre recorded video to go with it.  You will also have access to all the zoom recordings.

What art projects are included?  This year we are doing an Art Around the World tour of different countries, landmarks, famous artists, animals, culture and so much more!  You will also have access to the art bundles that are already in the membership…colour fun, camping art, ocean art, and summer sports.

Don’t delay and start creating today.  If you are part of a distance learning place that takes longer to approve funding requests…email me and we can work something out.  (  This is the last time the membership will be offered at such a low founding member rate.

Click HERE to find out more.  I can’t wait to create with you.



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