Tiger Art for Lunar New Year


Teaching children about different cultures and celebrations around the world is important to expand their world view.  Each year, people in China and around the world celebrate Lunar New Year with festivities that last for 15 days.  Lunar New Year is a celebration that starts at the beginning of the calendar year that is based on moon cycles.  Each year is given the name of an animal from the Chinese zodiac.  This year, 2022 represents the Year of the Tiger, an animal that symbolizes strength, power and prosperity.

Art is a great way to learn about different celebrations.  Whether you are planning Lunar New Year activities in your classroom or you have kids at home that love tigers, this bright, fun art lesson is for you.  Learn to draw and paint a tiger in this new You Tube video on the Wendy Meades Channel.

In art club this year, kids are learning about different cultures in an Around the World Tour.  Contact wendymeades@hotmail.com if you would like more information on art club or click this LINK.

We can’t wait to see your Tiger creations!



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