Easy Foam Leaf Stamps

I love the colors of fall.  The deep greens, reds, oranges and yellows make me want to create in my art studio.  We decided to make some leaf paintings by making our own stamps out of foam.   It is so easy to do.  All you need is some foam (we buy sheets at the dollar store), a sharp pencil, paint, paper and a foam roller or paint brush.

foam mine


Draw with a sharp pencil any design in the foam and make sure you press pretty hard.  We decided to do leaves since it is fall.

foam drawing

Roll the paint over the design or you can use a paint brush.   We tried to mix colors that would look good together like green, yellow and white.

foam stamp roller

Press the foam design down on the paper and you have a beautiful work of art!

foam press down    foam pull off

My one daughter decided to cut out her leaf and then stamp it.  She added layers of foam to the back of it so she could hold it.  She was modelling it after the ones you put on the back of your phone.  You can also glue it to a block of wood or a cork.

foam claire

I would love to see your beautiful stamp paintings!  It is so easy to do with kids and adults can do this as well.  I sometimes want a design in my paintings but just can’t find the right stamp so I make my own.

Paint and Create an Owl-Free Lesson

owl painting

Learn to paint with acrylics and draw an owl using simple shapes in easy online videos.  This is a free online class and is a gift for you.  It is a great thing to do on a rainy day.  Adults and kids like this lesson.

Are you ready to create an owl?  Click here for more details.

Paint and Create Animals Art Course

banner animals

Paint and Create Animals is a 6 lesson online art course for all ages that teaches you how to use different art materials and color techniques to create paintings of animals around the world.  Each lesson includes 2-4 videos of step by step demonstrations as well as sheets of fun facts and instructions.  Learn how to draw animals, use acrylic paints, water color paints and oil pastels to create beautiful paintings.

Are you ready to create? Click here for more details.

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