Christmas Homemade Gift Bags

gift bags

Learn to make these sweet gift bags.  Ever since Vancouver grocery stores started using brown paper bags instead of plastic ones I have been accumulating them when I forget to bring my cloth bags.  I have been trying to figure out a way to use them again.

These homemade bags are great to put treats and presents in!  All you need is a brown paper bag, large ones or lunch bags and a white crayon or oil pastel. Cut the sides to look like a roof.  Then draw doors, windows and decorations.  Such a great activity to encourage creativity and a unique bag to give a gift in.

Click this LINK to watch the You Tube video. I can’t wait to see your creations!

Free Online Art Class

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After the busyness of a Christmas is over, it will be nice to have an art lesson planned for the kids!  Join us over zoom for this fun art class on December 28th at 10:00am.  Use the supplies you have around the house and add in your creative touches.  Click this LINK to register and join the fun.  

Art Club Membership for Kids


Are you looking for a great gift to give a family that they can enjoy all year?  So many grandparents have bought art club for their grandkids and it is a gift that keeps giving!  Get 2 months free when you buy a year long art club membership.  Kids get to create online over zoom and have access to an online classroom full of great art videos.  Click the LINK to give the gift of art classes today.

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy making some art together!

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