Chalk Art

We love chalk art.  It is inexpensive, easy and fun.  We experimented with 3D art, making creations together and mixing water with the chalk to make chalk paint.   To make chalk paint the kids just scraped some of the chalk into a cup and added water.  Chalk art is also a great community activity since every time we do it we always get some neighbors and kids walking by to join in.  Did you know that you can also use chalk in your paintings on top of acrylic paint for shading?  For example once your painting is dry, you can add a complimentary color for shading such as green chalk pastel to make one side of a red apple darker.  Just smudge it in with your fingers for instant shading!

I would love to see your chalk creations.  Send them to  Try to do some 3D effects and watch the reactions you get as people walk by.

chalk sharks          chalk caution  chalk claire         chalk fruit          chalk all    chalk neighbours    chalk rainbow


Paint and Create an Owl-Free Lesson

owl painting

Learn to paint with acrylics and draw an owl using simple shapes in easy online videos.  This is a free online class and is a gift for you.

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Paint and Create Animals Art Course

banner animals

Paint and Create Animals is a 6 lesson online art course for all ages that teaches you how to use different art materials and color techniques to create paintings of animals around the world.  Each lesson includes 2-4 videos of step by step demonstrations as well as sheets of fun facts and instructions.  Learn how to draw animals, use acrylic paints, water color paints and oil pastels to create beautiful paintings.

Are you ready to create? Click here for more details and use coupon code smiles25 for 25% off.  Coupon expires on September 30th, 2018.

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