Canadian Women’s Soccer Olympic Gold!

soccer art

I woke up early to watch the gold medal soccer match with the Canadian Women in the Olympics against Sweden and I was so glad I did.  Did you watch the game?  I was so excited that they won Gold that I put together an art tutorial on how to draw a soccer ball.  It really isn’t as hard as it looks.  Check it out on my You Tube Channel and hit subscribe while you are there!

What is happening around here…

Art Club-This week we are learning about famous artist Franz Marc to paint a blue horse.  The doors to art club are opening soon for fall registration.  Let me know if you are interested.

blue horse

Adult Paint Session-August 14th 6:00 pm-Life is a beautiful Ride Painting

bike art

Have you been wanting to learn how to paint or to get back to creating?  This is the session for you!  Learn to paint this beautiful bike and flowers with acrylic paints.   Meet your friends on zoom and have some fun!  Click this link to sign up.  (this is free for anyone in the art club membership).  I can’t wait to create with you.  Don’t miss out!

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