Learn to Paint 4 Beautiful Ocean Scenes with Water Colours

I have been enjoying painting with water colours lately.   I don’t know if it is because it is summer and water colours just seem to go with ocean or fish scenes or it is the fact that I am just following my heart.  Painting ocean and fish scenes just feels right. When I first started painting over 20 years ago I started with water colours and I loved them.  It feels like I have come full circle again.    What I love about water colours is they are less messy and easy to bring places.  There are so many fun techniques to try and they are fun to use with kids.  Do you want to learn how to painting with water colours?  Have you always wanted to try?  They are not as easy as they look, but I break them down into easy videos on my You Tube Channel.   Check out these ideas:

Learn to draw jelly fish and use a cling wrap water colour background to create cool effects in this video:


Learn to paint a colourful seahorse and learn wet on wet techniques.  Click here for the video.


Learn to draw a tropical fish and blend oil pastels and use a salt water colour technique background in this video.

tropical fish painting

Learn to Paint Dolphins and use salt to create beautiful effects in this video.

dophin painting

I have a favor to ask.  If you are enjoying my You Tube Channel, please click the red subscribe button on my Wendy Meades channel.  Once I have 1000 subscribers I can start to monetize it a little.  I am working towards my art goals everyday and every little bit of support helps!  Thanks so much. Sending out creative vibes and hugs to you.

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