10 Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter basket

Looking for some creative ideas for the Easter basket?  Here are some art materials to add to the chocolates in an Easter basket:

Egg shaped chalk– such a great shape for little hands that are just starting to learn how to colour or older kids that love creating with chalk.  Chalk doesn’t have to just be used on the sidewalk. It looks great on dark paper as well!

Silly putty eggs– I love placing silky putty on magazine or newspaper images and watching the image transfer onto it!  Do you remember doing this as a kid?  Or am I aging myself?!

Watercolour paints- watercolours are a great addition to an Easter basket since they have such bright colours.  Add in neon or glitter ones for something different along with a paint brush and watercolour paper.  Brands I love that are inexpensive include: crayola, artist loft, prang, creatology.   

Oil pastels- We love creating with oil pastels. The neon ones are harder to find but totally worth it.

Scented markers or pencil crayons-kids that avoid colouring will happily use these markers so they can smell their art!  The pencil crayons are less of a strong smell if you have some kids (or adults) in the house that are more sensitive to smells.  

Colour wonder mess free activity pads-I love watching the bright colours come alive on these fun pages with no mess.  Great for younger kids.  

Scratch art kits.  Cut up the black scratch art into egg shapes and scratch bright designs into the paper.  Even my older tween loves scratch art.

Beads-Coloured beads and thread are always popular in our house! You can find sweet little packages of beads in bright colours.

Metallic Markers-Upgrade your markers to ones that are different to get your kids creating again.  Shiny gel pens of gold and silver add fun details to take your art to the next level.

Model Magic-Kids of all ages love creating with modelling materials.  Give your kids white and change the colour by using markers and kneading the colour in with your hands.  Such a great fine motor activity.  In art club we will be using model magic to make dragon lizard eyes!  I can’t wait.  Want to learn how to make dragon eyes out of model magic?  Click the LINK to join art club fun.

Enjoy your Easter and Happy Creating!


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