You Are Loved Series of Paintings

You are loved series

I have a new series of mini paintings on wood called ‘You Are Loved’  available at our local flower shop in Surrey (La Belle Fleur 6350 120th st. #148, Surrey BC   It is a beautiful flower shop and worth checking out.   These mini 6″x 6″ paintings on wood can be placed on a desk or book shelf and will bring you joy.  This series is meant to be a reminder that during this pandemic with all the stress you are going through that you are doing the best you can and that you are loved.  These would be a lovely gift along with some flowers for Valentine’s day!

What is going on around here:

Free Live Session-Learn to draw a Zentangle Heart.  Join me for a live session on Feb. 13th from 10-11am pst in Wendy’s Creative Group on Facebook. I will be going through different patterns you can add to a Zentangle heart.

Art Club for Kids-Family day art games and fun.  Here is a fun activity to try-place a small amount of milk in a bowl, add some drops of food colouring in colours that mix to make other colours eg red/blue=purple, yellow/blue=green, red/yellow=orange.  Next place some dish soap on a q-tip and place the q-tip in the milk and watch the magic happen!  This is a great way to show colour mixing.

Circle Back to Creativity online art class for adults-Glazing and Layering.  I am so impressed with how brave the adults are to share their art and try new things!

Spring into ArtI am working on a new online art course for adults with spring trees and flowers.  Stay tuned for more information soon!



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