Learn to draw a Zentangle Heart

zentangle heart

Zentangle is a method of drawing patterns.  It was started by Rick Roberts and artist Maria Thomas with the purpose of combining meditation and art.  This type of drawing with repetition promotes concentration and creativity.  The original zentangles were completed on small 9x9cm squares but now people draw the patterns inside of different shapes.   It is such a great thing to do at home since you don’t need a lot of art supplies.  Here are some steps to follow:

  1.  Draw an outline of a shape-this can be anything from animals, diamond, square, circles, flowers etc.  The example I used was a heart.  I filled the whole page with the image of a heart.
  2. Divide the image into different smaller sections with lines
  3. Draw repeating patterns inside of the different sections.  Try to do some patterns with darker lines or shapes that are filled in to make it look more interesting.

What is Happening around here: 

Learn to draw a Zentangle Heart-Free live session on Saturday February 13th, 2021  from 10-11am pst in my facebook group called Wendy’s Creative Group.

Art Club for Kids-This week we will be painting hearts with different water colour techniques inside as well as painted paper.

Circle Back to Creativity online Art Course for Adults-Learn to draw a mandala.

February is my birthday month so stay tuned for some sales coming up of my paintings.

Have a Creative week!  Share this with your family and friends that would like creative art tips and ideas.

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