Vision Board Workshop 2012

I ran a vision board workshop last weekend and I was able to do my own vision board for this year.  The swirls mean new beginnings and growth and is found in most of my artwork.  I put a picture of myself from a good friend’s wedding before I got married and had kids to remind myself to get back to who I was before.  I placed family and an art gallery I want to get into on the same side to symbolize a balance between painting and family.  I put a bench outside since I want to have a garden one day.  Dolphins have always been important to me.  I remember when I went scuba diving and I was fighting the current but when I let myself go with the flow it was much easier.  I am hoping the dolphins will remind me of going with the flow with my girls and trying not to have too many battles.  I put it up in our bedroom and I wake up to it every day.  Let’s hope good things will come from it this year.

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