Painters Paint

Stephen King writes everyday. He says writer’s write. I think painters should paint. The majority of successful painters paint almost every day. This past year I spent a lot of time on the business of art and trying to market myself. I joined twitter, I followed art marketing blogs, I started a newsletter and I submitted to group shows. A lot of the time I was frantically trying to get my proposals to galleries on a deadline. The trouble is, I was focusing so much on marketing that I didn’t spent time on my paintings. I still didn’t have a large body of work to submit. When I did paint, I focused on what I thought would sell or what others would like. This year I am going to simplify my life and focus on becoming a better painter and really paint from the heart. Once I have a large body of work that I am proud of, then I can focus on submitting to galleries again. So now it’s time to start painting!

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