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Painters Paint

Stephen King writes everyday. He says writer’s write. I think painters should paint. The majority of successful painters paint almost every day. This past year I spent a lot of time on the business of art and trying to market myself. I joined twitter, I followed art marketing blogs, I started a newsletter and I […]

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Challenging Myself to use Grey

Mysterious Grey 24″x20″ Acrylic This is a commissioned piece based on another painting that is in a series of grey paintings.  I love challenging myself to use grey.  Too much grey and it turns muddy….just enough grey and it can be beautiful.  It is like life, too much grey or sorrow can overshadow the joy.   […]

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Tall Grass

This is a painting that I completed on my Thanksgiving weekend away.  It felt good to focus on my painting for a few days.  The painting makes me think of running through tall grass with my family.

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The Beauty of Grey

I wanted to challenge myself to paint with grey.  Grey is a mysterious colour.  It looks void of colour and yet it is made up from a mix of bright blue, red, yellow and white.  If you have too much grey, it makes all other colours look muddy.  It is like a metaphor for life, […]

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