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Creative Activities for Camping

This summer I am sharing a series of ideas for getting outside and getting creative. We just got back from camping so I thought I would share some of the fun creative activities we did outside. Drawing on marshmallows-This was my daughter’s idea. She brought edible markers along on our trip and the kids had […]

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Make an inukshuk

Hello lovely creative people and welcome to all the new people to this blog.  This is the first of the Get Outside and Get Creative series this summer. In honour of Canada Day we decided to make an inukshuk.  An inukshuk (also spelled inuksuk and plural is inuksuit) is a structure made out of stone […]

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Art materials for summer fun!

Hi there,  Summer vacation is almost here!  I love getting outside and creating in the summer and I am going to be sharing different ideas with you for outdoor inspiration every week.  Lets start with art materials to stock up on to have in the house.  I like to go to the dollar store just […]

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A gift for you

I have been thinking about this blog and how it has changed over the years. I started it in 2012 and it was mainly just my art news. When my mom passed away 4 years ago it became a place to also write my thoughts. In the last year I have been adding in some […]

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How to Paint a Flower

I had such a great time teaching how to paint flowers at a birthday party recently that I thought I would  share the steps with you. Draw the center of your flower slightly off of center. It is more interesting to the eye when your flower is not in the center of the page.   Draw […]

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Creating is good for your Health

Have you ever noticed how children just want to build and create?  Why do we stop creating when we become adults?  I am a big believer in encouraging creativity in everyone.  There is a growing body of research on the cognitive and mental health benefits in engaging in creativity.  Researchers have found that creativity can […]

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Inspiration for Happiness

I hope you have enjoyed your spring break. With the arrival of spring I have had a feeling of restlessness. Before I got married and had children I traveled a lot and was always seeking adventure. That is harder to do now with kids. I have a supportive husband but I can’t just hop on […]

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Wings to fly

Over three years ago I set out to learn how to draw and paint faces. I used to tell myself that I couldn’t do it. The first few were lopsided and wonky but I kept practicing. Now I love it. Keep going with the things you want to do in this world.   Don’t believe […]

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Olympic Art

      I just love the Olympics, especially the winter ones.  Since Canada won a gold in pairs ice dancing this week, here is a fun skating activity for you.  I hope you have a lovely week. We used this skate template   .  Cut it out and use your imagination to create designs on the skates […]

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