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New Moon: A time to stop and reflect

I have always been interested in the moon cycles.  I don’t talk about it very often because a lot of people don’t understand it or believe it.  My cycles have always been regular at 28 days and have followed the 28 day cycles of the moon.   One of my daughters is also really affected by […]

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You are a Work of Art

You are a work of art.  I truly believe that.  You were put on this earth on purpose and you have talents to share with the world.  I get so sad when I hear someone who is smart, intelligent and creative put themselves down.  It happens all the time.   The things we say to ourselves […]

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Mandala Art Activities for kids and adults

I have been enjoying creating Mandalas lately.  I find them so relaxing and anyone can make them.    The word mandala is from the Indian Sanskirt language and means circle.  It consists of patterns that are evenly distributed around a centre circle that create a feeling of balance.  I usually start with a circle in […]

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Win a Painting!

My mom passed away on June 1st 5 years ago and during that difficult time I used painting as my therapy. I decided to have a painting give away as a way of thinking of her. She loved flowers and always had them in a vase in the kitchen. There is also a saying about […]

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Take a Leap and Try Something New

When I was younger I tended to leap and I wasn’t afraid to try something new.    I was fearless.  I traveled around the world often on my own,  I went bungee jumping, white water rafting, I flew in a helicopter, I rock climbed, I did a marathon and the list goes on.  I wasn’t […]

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