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Painting Give Away!

Since February is my birthday month and Valentine’s day is coming up….I am giving away a painting.  It is part of my ‘spread joy’ new series I have been working on and it is a mini 5″x5″ painting on wood.  It is a great little painting to prop up on your desk and bring you […]

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Word of the Year: Joy

Happy New Year!  My word of the year is joy. I feel like 2019 was a hard year since my daughter was in the hospital and was quite ill. I felt like I wasn’t totally present in anything I did and it took us all a long time to recover. She is doing so much […]

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Thoughts on Slowing Down

Welcome to the new people that have joined my blog recently.  This is a space where I share art projects, events coming up and thoughts on life.  Today is for thoughts on slowing down. Sometimes when things happen in life it makes you change directions.  I injured my back last week and it has made […]

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New Moon: A time to stop and reflect

I have always been interested in the moon cycles.  I don’t talk about it very often because a lot of people don’t understand it or believe it.  My cycles have always been regular at 28 days and have followed the 28 day cycles of the moon.   One of my daughters is also really affected by […]

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You are a Work of Art

You are a work of art.  I truly believe that.  You were put on this earth on purpose and you have talents to share with the world.  I get so sad when I hear someone who is smart, intelligent and creative put themselves down.  It happens all the time.   The things we say to ourselves […]

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