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Painting every day for lent….

I have decided to paint every day for lent again this year and this is the first one I have completed.  I don’t have a name for it yet, but the colours are calming to me.  It is a similar style to the one that sold at my art show at Havana Gallery.  I have […]

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Vision Board Workshop 2012

I ran a vision board workshop last weekend and I was able to do my own vision board for this year.  The swirls mean new beginnings and growth and is found in most of my artwork.  I put a picture of myself from a good friend’s wedding before I got married and had kids to […]

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Art Opening at Havana Gallery

Joy in the Midst of Darkness This collection was created during a stressful time in my life when a loved one was diagnosed with cancer.  These  paintings show that joy can emerge from darkness, happiness can shine through during a period of stress.  I truly believe that art can flouish even in darkened time to […]

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Tall Grass

This is a painting that I completed on my Thanksgiving weekend away.  It felt good to focus on my painting for a few days.  The painting makes me think of running through tall grass with my family.

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The Beauty of Grey

I wanted to challenge myself to paint with grey.  Grey is a mysterious colour.  It looks void of colour and yet it is made up from a mix of bright blue, red, yellow and white.  If you have too much grey, it makes all other colours look muddy.  It is like a metaphor for life, […]

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painting birthday party

One of my friend’s asked me to run a painting party for her 6 year old little girl.  I showed the kids how paint can be magical and change into other colours when mixed together.  They all had a turn painting on a mural and painting their own little canvases.  It was very rewarding when […]

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