World Bee Day Art and Last chance for BONUS


This week was world bee day and I couldn’t resist making bee art.  Check out my YOU TUBE CHANNEL to learn how to draw and paint a bee.  It is the place to be

Bee Fun Fact:  Did you know there are 3 types of honey bees?

The Queen-runs the hive and lays the eggs.  She could lay up to 2500 eggs in one season!

The Worker Bees-all female.  They forage for food (they are the ones we see out of the hive), build and clean the hive.

The Drone Bees-all male.  They mate with the Queen and get kicked out of the hive in the winter!



The doors to the art club for kids membership are open now and if you join by May 22nd you will receive a bonus of a private art session over zoom with your family and you get to choose what we paint.  Check out this LINK for more information about kids art club.  I can’t wait to create with you.

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