Thanksgiving Zentangle Pumpkin Art


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.  I thought a Zentangle Pumpkin would be fun this year.  You can use any art supplies you have around the house.  Draw a pumpkin shape with curved lines inside.  Draw different patterns or designs inside each of the sections or you can add words of things you are thankful for.

The Zentangle method of drawing was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  ZEN means calm and TANGLE is a series of overlapping patterns and designs.  Traditional zentangles were completed on squares of paper with a black fine liner.  Now they have expanded to patterns inside different shapes and objects.  Drawing repeated patterns is thought to be relaxing and meditative.

Check out my You Tube channel (Wendy Meades) to learn to draw this Zentangle pumpkin and also to learn to add paint.  This activity is good for all ages of kids (and adults too!).

What’s happening around here:
Art club-we will also be doing Zentangle pumpkins with oil pastels and water colour paints

Adult A
rt Session This Month-Autumn Blue-  Join me on zoom on Saturday October 23rd from 6-8pm to create a modern pumpkin painting.  Click here to learn more.



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