Easy Easter Egg Colouring Fun

easter egg with rice picture

This is a super fun way to colour Easter Eggs.  Fill a zip lock bag 1/3 full with dry rice.  Place 8-10 drops of food colouring of one colour in the bag.  Hard boil eggs for 10 minutes and let cool.  Place an egg inside of the bag and zip it closed.  Gently roll the egg around in the coloured rice and shake.    Place the same egg inside of another zip lock bag with a different colour of dry rice.  The results are so beautiful and I find this less messy then the traditional way of colouring eggs.  Check out my You Tube video here to watch this in action!


What is happening around here:

Easter Art  Fun
Join me for a facebook live session in Wendy’s Creative Group to make some Easter art on Friday April 2nd at 11:00am.  Bring some paper, pencil and markers for some art fun.

Spring into Art:  Online art class for adults

spring into art photo

Have you been wanting to learn how to paint and to do something different?  I have a special bonus for you inside of the Spring into Art course.  I will be teaching live inside the course for one of the sessions!  It will be a chance to paint together over zoom and get all your questions answered.  You get 8 self paced, online art lessons to learn how to paint spring flowers and trees as well as a live art class over zoom!  It is time to start painting and have some fun.  This class is especially focused on bringing you joy through bold, bright colours.

Click here to start your creative journey.  Act now for 25% off until March 27th, 2021

Art Club for Kids

art club graphic

This fun zoom art club will inspire creativity and learning of art concepts.  This art club is going to focus on creating art with oil pastels and markers. I added a few extra spots so click  here to register soon.  Use promo code artclubcoupon for $5 off.  Classes start on April 12th.  I can’t wait!

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