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painting birthday party

One of my friend’s asked me to run a painting party for her 6 year old little girl.  I showed the kids how paint can be magical and change into other colours when mixed together.  They all had a turn painting on a mural and painting their own little canvases.  It was very rewarding when […]

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Waves of Sorrow

We lost a loved one this week.  Grief and sorrow seem to come in waves and are interspersed with moments of joy.  The joy comes in every day things such as our children singing, playing and dancing around.  I think our daughters sence the sorrow in the house but they are also able to have moments of joy […]

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Hope in the darkness

I have been working on this painting for a long time and I finally finished it yesterday.  It started off with really dark reds in the background.  We have a lot of stress going on in life right now so it symbolized the darkness in the house.  I decided to take some of the darkness away […]

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