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Hello and Welcome!  Thanks so much for visiting.  My name is Wendy Meades and I live in Delta, British Columbia in Canada.   I am an artist and also an occupational therapist.  I run art classes for kids and adults out of my home studio and I love encouraging others to be creative. I create art from the heart and sell mixed media painting, cards, and prints filled with inspirational words and bold, bright colours.  I have two creative girls and a very supportive husband.

I have changed my business name to Smiles and Swirls.  The smiles is for the fun we will have  together.   Swirls are found throughout my art and hold a special meaning to me.  I lived in New Zealand for a few years and over there, the swirl represents the unfolding of the fern frond.  It stands for harmony, growth and new beginnings.    Check out my blog for lots of creative ideas and join my newsletter for weekly inspiration.

My personal mission is to:

  • Inspire others to be creative;
  • Challenge myself to think outside of the box;
  • Accept& treasure others for who they are;
  • Nurture my spirit and stay true myself

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